Originating from Rajasthan the Banjaras have lived nomadic lives and spread all over India and the Indian sub-continent over the centuries.  The Banjara women are locally referred as Lambani here and make beautiful embellised embroidery on fabric.

The embriodery work mainly consist of lifting the wrap thread of the fabric with a needle and making designs like diamonds, triangles parallel to the weft thread. The base cloth is usually a handwoven red-colored cloth over which mirrors, cowrie shells, beads and metal ornaments are used for embellisment. This is a time consuming craft hence women work on this after their usual day's farm work.

Production places : Pune City

Products:  Borders, Batwa - pouches, Khanchali - blouse, Toran - door hanging, Headgear, Darani - Square spread, Latani - square bag

Tools: Needle,  thread, scissors